• 10 April 2013
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  • By Dr Jagadish Mittur

Making a difference to the rural communities

Dr Jagadish Mittur elaborates about how some of the like-minded well-wishers helped in developing a better village in O Mittur region of India


Dr Jagadish Mittur, Biotech Facilitation Cell, Department of Information Technology and Biotechnology, Government of Karnataka

The harsh conditions of the rural life in India are driving an incredible number of farmers to migrate from villages despite the cleaner air to nearby badly polluted towns and cities in search of a more reliable income, better access to schools/amenities for their children and ironically a better life for all in the family. This is a double-pronged attack: more crowded cities and continuous deterioration of urban life; and more importantly the drastic reduction in agricultural activity, productivity and animal welfare which are fundamental for food, feed and fiber security of all in India.

Our focus needs to be on creating a better ecosystem for village folks to stay back with trust and confidence of reliable access to food, health care, education and regular income. This requires investment of ideas, money and time into better agricultural technologies and practices, infrastructure development, health care and education for all. While the governments are continuously establishing numerous schemes to meet various challenges, it is never sufficient and swift enough.

Recognizing such a gap, many like-minded well-wishers of the villages have come forward in a manner that is making a huge difference to the rural communities-in this case in Mittur and surrounding villages. The development and transformation hub is the humble high school (SKRSHS - Sri Kodanda Rama Swamy High School) in Mittur which has students coming from many other villages in the region and thus well set to spread goodness in a fast and efficient manner. The measure of success lies in reverse migration- i.e. people heading back to the villages for a quality life and to help conserve natural diversity that our country India is well known for generations but rapidly declining.

India's youth potential in a village high school
Carrying the richness of a pioneering civilization for thousands of years, India today is being termed by many as a very "young" country. The term "young" here applies to the very large number of youth we are fortunate to have in contrast to many developed nations being termed as "aging". The core strength of India rests in the villages and in the untapped potential of millions of children especially those in their teens as clearly reflected in their eyes. In an environment for teens to surface their talent and inner strength combined with new skills and hard work, sky will be the limit for their contribution to the present and future of India. High Schools are great entities to identify and nurture such talent for better India.

SKRSHS has a teaching staff of eight members and around 125 students coming from eight other villages and thus well set to spread new ideas and benefits in a fast and efficient manner through their fresh teenage minds.

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