'Right time to focus on NCDs'

In its white paper on control of non communicable diseases (NCDs) through primary and preventive healthcare, the Bain and Company has outlined the need to redefine strategy by forging more partnerships


The White Paper titled "Control of NCDs Through Primary and Preventive Healthcare"by Bain & Company presented at "The Future of Healthcare: A Collective Vision" Conference at Delhi (March 3-4, 2014) notes that the global burden from non-communicable diseases (NCDs) is significant and rising at a rapid pace. Low- and middle-income countries like India share a disproportionate 80% of the NCD mortality burden. India alone accounts for 17% of global deaths due to NCDs and 24% of disability-adjusted life years (DALYs).

Globally, NCDs are estimated to account for nearly 75% of all deaths in the world and will cost the world GDP an estimated US$47 trillion by 2030.[2]This high burden poses a substantial threat to India's socioeconomic development, with a potential loss of US$6.2 trillion by 2030-nearly 3.5 times our current GDP.

"India has a narrow-and closing-window of opportunity to shape its health and care eco-system to cope with a tsunami of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) and it must seize this opportunity to shift the focus from sickness to wellness and prevention and create a culture of healthier living" said Karan Singh, Bain & Company's Asia-Pacific Healthcare practice head and main author of the report.

India has a narrow window of opportunity to act quickly, through a joint effort of government and relevant stakeholders, to protect the health of current and future generations. Now is an opportune time as healthcare systems are still being defined (role of government, evolving regulations, citizens' right to health, use of technology in health, etc.), and new models of service delivery are being explored.

"The negative consequences of not doing so are significant and unaffordable as it will cost us over $6 trillion between now and 2030 - about 3.5 times current GDP", Singh said.


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