Strand life sciences launches a new method for monitoring cancer

Strand LB helps monitor lung, breast, colorectal and other cancers for tumor presence, response, and recurrence


Strand Life Sciences have launched their Liquid Biopsy test portfolio ‘STRAND LB' that provides highly sensitive detection of tumor traces from a simple blood draw. This powerful tool can provide early and precise indication of tumor presence, cancer recurrence, and response to therapy compared to any other method used in the medical industry.

Liquid biopsy is a paradigm shift that involves a minimally-invasive procedure, no radioactive scans, and can detect tumor DNA traces from a simple blood draw. However, detecting tumor DNA requires a highly sensitive test capable of detecting 1 molecule in a 1000.

The Strand LB tests are an outcome of the collaboration between Scientific teams of Strand and Mazumdar Shaw Center for Translational Research (MSCTR), who worked together to develop these advanced tests which were validated by clinicians at the Mazumdar Shaw Medical Center (MSMC). These non-invasive Liquid Biopsy tests will advance the field of cancer diagnostics, as they offer ultra-sensitive detection of mutations which will help in early detection and intervention. To reflect the collaboration these tests will be made available and offered to all patients at MSMC.

STRAND LB can be used today for up to 30% of lung cancer patients who have insufficient tumor biopsy material to determine if their tumors carry mutations in genes like EGFR, making them eligible for specific treatments. It can also be used to monitor the very same patients for the emergence of resistance to these treatments. More broadly, STRAND LB can be used across a variety of cancer types (breast, colorectal and others), to determine if traces of the tumor too small to be visible either to the naked eye or to imaging scans remain after surgery, thus prompting more aggressive treatment. STRAND LB can also be used to monitor response to treatment and detect relapse early in instances where switching treatments is a possibility.


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