Illumina launches TruSight Tumor 170

Newest addition in clinical Cancer research portfolio aims to establish a standardized method for tumor profiling


TruSight Tumor 170 (Photo:

Illumina, Inc. has announced the launch of TruSight Tumor 170, a 170 gene next-generation sequencing solution to support the transformation of the tumor-profiling paradigm from a series of single-gene tests to a multi-analyte approach, providing a more thorough picture of a tumor's genomic landscape.

TruSight Tumor 170 offers an integrated DNA and RNA enrichment-based workflow, targeting cancer-related genetic aberrations, including small variants, gene amplifications, gene fusions, and splice variants. With optimized bioinformatics tools and automation options, laboratories can implement the assay on an in-house, research use only NextSeq instrument. Designed to support limited nucleic acid input from formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) samples, TruSight Tumor 170 facilitates efficient evaluation of biomarkers.

"Having broader gene content allows us to improve cancer research by assessing more genes and to identify structural alterations that are important targets for developing therapies," said pathologist Anthony Magliocco. "We hope these capabilities will improve clinical cancer research by streamlining the testing of solid tumors. Due to the flexibility of the enrichment methodology upon which TruSight Tumor 170 is based, this technology has the potential to serve as a platform for many applications beyond solid tumor profiling."

"This new assay is poised to help realize the potential of precision oncology," said John Leite, PhD, Vice President of Oncology at Illumina. "By integrating DNA and RNA into one protocol, clinical researchers are able to accelerate comprehensive analysis of cancer-related variants and maximize the data obtainable from precious specimens. Looking forward, we aim to deploy the underlying assay method at the heart of TruSight Tumor 170 as a universal standard for optimized tissue assessment across a variety of applications with both fixed and customizable panels."

"We're committed to delivering the tools that enable a shared vision of personalized oncology," said Francis deSouza, President and CEO of Illumina. "We believe the introduction of TruSight Tumor 170 will enable research insights that will positively impact cancer patients in the future."


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