Sun Pharma, ICGEB to develop novel dengue vaccine

Novel Dengue Vaccine development to focus on its suitability for all population including affected and non-affected paediatric, adults and travellers


International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (ICGEB) and Sun Pharma has announced their new collaboration for development of a dengue vaccine, targeted against all the four serotypes of Dengue virus that cause disease in humans.

ICGEB has developed a tailored recombinant virus-like-particle (VLP) based tetravalent dengue vaccine, containing host-receptor binding domain of envelope protein of all the four DENV serotypes. ICGEB has conducted pre-clinical studies over the past seven years and developed the existing Know-How and Patents for this dengue vaccine candidate.

This is the second collaboration between Sun Pharma and ICGEB focusing on dengue. The first one announced in May 2016 was related to the development of a botanical drug for treatment of Dengue. The current collaboration is focussed on developing a novel, safe & effective vaccine for the prevention of dengue.

Initial findings of ICGEB's Dengue vaccine indicate that the candidate induces serotypespecific non-cross-reactive and strongly neutralizing antibodies without disease enhancing concerns.

These features of the candidate vaccine differentiate this vaccine development programme from other vaccine programs that are developed or in development globally. This vaccine development will focus on suitability for all target population whether previously affected or non-affected, including paediatric and adults and traveller population.


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