"I am a great believer in India's destiny, I am often called a dangerous optimist"

Dr R A Mashelkar speaks to BioSpectrum and Nuffoodsspectrum exclusively


I personally believe the moment of India has arrived. Every Indian has to have that confidence to say that yes, I can, despite adversity and challenges, we will overcome them. There are few things that one has to remember, first is India's destiny is very clear, it's going to be the top nation.

How do I contribute to making that happen? each and every endeavour of us is a challenge and for that we need to develop a mindset which is positive, which is constructive which always becomes a part of the solution and not the problem, coupled with a mind which is able to traverse the boundaries of impossible and make it possible, and that can happen if we always remember that the limits to imagination, limits to achievement are something that any Indian mind can overcome provided it does not itself set a limit in terms of what it can aspire to do.

I am a great believer in India's destiny, am often called a dangerous optimist. My dangerous optimism comes very frankly from the fact that it is the Indian talent which is finally going to win the war, win a position that is special for us.

In every single endeavour, whether it has to do with education, health, industry innovation we can be among the top. I personally have believed in all my life and I believe it now even more so now looking at the leadership that we have, looking at the great smell that I see in India, where everybody is wanting to say my India and move forward.

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Dr UN Nandakumar 11 October 2016 at 03:21 PM

We have to stand based on our strength and we have the capacity to do it. We have to only tap it effectively.


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