Patent applied for thalassemia through nutraceuticals

Leading pharmaceutical consultant and inventor Dr.Sanjay Agrawal has applied for patent for his latest invention for the treatment of thalassemia through nutraceuticals


Thalassemia is a disorder of abnormal formation of hemoglobin and thereby destruction of red blood cells. Several approaches have been used for treating patients with thalassemia including blood transfusions, splenectomy, iron chelation therapy, modulation of foetal haemoglobin and other agents focusing on specific aspects of clinical presentation. However the exact management of the disease is still controversial.

"A major issue which is not entirely explored is the effect of blood transfusion in the management of patients with thalassemia. There are certain advantages and disadvantages of initiating blood transfusions in Thalassemia patients that must be always taken into account in the management of these patients. Therefore, complications that interact with the clinical outcome of treatment and also patient's quality of life can be avoided to some extent. Besides this there is no absolute other treatment available in the market that promotes production of red blood cells", says Dr Agrawal.

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Having said this, blood transfusion is also associated with a possible complication named iron overloading. "To resolve this complexity we have created an evidence based nutraceutical formulation which is a combination of multivitamins, amino acids and other important nutraceuticals which boosts up hemoglobin level and red blood cell. Nutraceuticals by adding, hemoglobin level in thalassemia patients improves quality of life. It does have direct effect on bone marrow processing units and provides enough supplements of amino acids and minerals which body does not make in this disease process. Another important advantage of nutraceuticals, being low cost and easy availability, it can be replaced with blood transfusion which is difficult to available and expensive also. Multivitamins supplements, proper diet, calorie and protein intake are very important ways to boost body's immune defense in thalassemia. In addition it does not linked up with side effects", he adds.

This patent applied formulation has been developed in Dr. Agrawal's lab and took more than three years. This unique formulation is developed by Dr Sanjay Agrawal who is already inventor of 40 patented formulations.

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