Quadio launches the first ever revolutionary hearing app for android and iOS in India

A complete mobile-based hearing solution that provides all the features of a conventional hearing correction mechanism


Mr Anurag Sharma, Co-Founder and CTO, Quadio Devices

Quadio Devices has introduced for the first time their path breaking Q+ hearing app in Mumbai on android and iOS platforms. The app promises to be a holistic mobile-based hearing solution complete with all the features of a conventional hearing tool.

The Q+ app is a first of its kind free application that is ultra-advanced besides being affordable, accessible, controllable and customizable. Quadio uses the latest internet and mobile technology to push the boundaries of telemedicine and hearing care and merge the worlds of healthcare and technology.

The Q+ app harnesses the processing power of your smart phone to enable it to be used as a complete and fully-functional hearing mechanism. It is designed to maximize the listening experience based on the results of a simple interactive hearing test. The app also gives you the ability to control and customize sound quality by intelligently enhancing hearing sounds and speech.

With the Q+ app you can easily follow conversations using the phone headset in both quiet and noisy environments, and control the sound quality to customize it to your preference. The inbuilt hearing test in Q+ is calibrated for accuracy as per ANSI standards for audiometry.

Sharing his excitement at the app launch, Mr Neeraj Dotel, CEO, Quadio Devices Pvt Ltd said, "Hearing loss is the second largest disability in the country that affects more than 120 million lives with majority sufferers over the age of 60. There are less than 2000 practicing audiologists in India and therefore most people have never actually received treatment until their hearing has degraded severely with age. The Q+ app is a stellar example of the innovative capabilities of Quadio where our customers don't have to shell out big bucks for hearing care and anyone with a smartphone can now have access to high-quality hearing mechanism."


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