Mitigating disease outbreaks with smart mapping technology

Smart mapping technology – also known as geographic information system (GIS) technology – integrates data from multiple systems, presenting the findings in the format of a dynamic map


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With Zika virus declared a ‘public health emergency' by the World Health Organization (WHO), doctors and scientists world-over are turning to smart mapping technology to learn more about the disease ravaging the Americas and threatening other tropical and sub-tropical regions across the globe.

Only invoked in response to the most dangerous threats, the declaration represents the highest level of alert issued by the health authority.

To date, WHO has confirmed cases of Zika virus in more than 20 countries and anticipates as many as four million people will become infected by end of the year.

"In recent years, the threats from deadly disease outbreaks have increased in both number and complexity," says Esri Singapore's CEO Mr Thomas Pramotedham.

"In 2002 to 2003 we saw SARS sweep throughout Asia, then a decade later MERS emerged to affect the Middle East and Korea while at the same time the world was dealing with the largest and longest Ebola outbreak in history.


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