Nanotech accelerates Precision Medicine evolution: F&S

Anti-cancer therapies are the most targeted applications in nanomedicine, followed by neuroscience and drug delivery products


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The remarkable progress made in medicine and wellness over the last ten years is partially due to the radical advances made in nanotechnology.

This technology's core healthcare applications include nanomedicine, nanobiosensing, nano self-assembly and life sciences, especially in the areas of precision targeted therapies, high-sensitivity chips, nano arrays and next-generation biomarkers.

New analysis from Frost & Sullivan, Trends in Nanomedicine, identified unprecedented levels of innovation in nanomedicine.

There have been notable developments in diagnostics, therapeutics, companion diagnostics, regenerative medicine and many other applications that are linked to the concept of precision medicine.

"New nano formulations for targeting tumors, soft nanomaterials for bone regeneration and implantable devices for localized delivery of drugs have all given a huge boost to precision medicine," said TechVision Industry Analyst Ms Cecilia Van Cauwenberghe. "Other innovations such as nanostructured surfaces for biosensors, image-guided implantation of advanced neurostimulators, 3D nanomaterials for stem cell immobilization and intelligent bioactive materials will usher in a new era of healthcare."


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