IKA launches new batch mill

The IKA TUBE MILL control is said to be the world’s first batch mill with single use milling vessels


The Tube Mill's versatility is particularly noteworthy

IKA Group launches the TUBE MILL control and the TUBE MILL 100 control that represents a unique product innovation - the world's first batch mill with single-use milling vessels. For the first time, this unit will enable serial testing to be carried out under reproducible, contamination-free conditions.

The single-use milling vessels reduce the cleaning, time and energy that is devoted to the application process. These vessels also prevent cross contamination of the sample material - a major advantage for quality assurance.

The 40 ml and 100 ml capacity milling vessels and hood are made from transparent material, allowing sample milling to be observed during the process itself. With the Tube Mill 100 control larger grinding chambers with a maximum volume of 100 ml (MT 100) can now be used. For sterile applications you can use the sterile disposable grinding chamber MT 40-10 sterile with a stainless steel beater. It reduces soft, medium, hard and brittle materials with a Mohs hardness of up to 5 (manganese or apatite: 5 Mohs).

The unit is easy to operate thanks to the user-friendly, multilingual OLED display and timer function.

The Tube Mill's versatility is particularly noteworthy. The IKA Tube Mill control can be used to process hard and soft, brittle and dry material. In combination with dry ice, it also allows damp, fatty, elastic and fibrous materials to be milled thoroughly.


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