The New Age Armageddon: War on Superbugs

Drug resistant bacteria called ‘Superbugs’ are waging an invisible fierce war against mankind. These bugs now seem to be emerging and spreading across the globe, especially in India and South-East Asian countries


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Common diseases and infections, once curable, may turn out to be incurable again with the emergence of antibiotic resistance in bacteria, threatening the global health security. Many countries and global health organizations are adding this new age menace to their emergency list.

Pharmaceutical companies around the world have excelled in the mass production of antibiotics, which in turn has led to the misuse and over-usage of antibiotics, creating bacteria that are totally refractory to the action of all antibiotics.

This antibiotic resistance has created an urgent medical need for discovering new drugs to combat the increasing loss of lives due to hospital-acquired infections, urinary tract infections, pneumonia, and bloodstream infections, among others.

GangaGen Biotechnologies, a Bangalore-based Biotechnology R&D company, is focusing on developing new and novel therapeutic agents derived from Bacteriophages to control bacterial pathogens resistant to antibiotic therapy.

Phage-based therapeutics are novel, first-in-class molecules that have potent activity against bacterial pathogens.


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Rashmi 2 August 2016 at 05:21 AM

Hello Good . R u developing any phage therapeutic agent from which we got immobility in year 2020. Or what r the new challenge from that u will over come in year 2020?? I am searching the X factor of "Clean Ganga" Ur goal in 2020. Reply it on urgent basis Regards Rashmi


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