Bangalore-based biotech start-up prints country’s first artificial liver tissue

Four-year-old Pandorum Technologies achieved the milestone by leveraging 3D bioprinting technology, and is said to be completely made in India


Dr Tuhin Bhowmick, Cofounder & Chairman, Pandorum Technologies

Pandorum is involved in the design and manufacturing of functional human tissues serving as test platforms for drug discovery and development, medical research, personalized therapeutics and other applications.

For the first time in the country, it has created artificial liver tissue that behave and mimic the human liver tissue.

"Liver cells are difficult to grow outside the human body. The global pharmaceutical industry spends about $10 billion and 10 years to develop new drugs. The cost of failure is high. The 2D culture and animal models are not human-like. We cannot test the effects of radiation on real human beings. Here artificially developed tissues will play a significant role as test platforms," said Mr Arun Chandru, cofounder & MD, Pandorum Technologies.

According to the company, at the moment, in India, there are no other companies which are developing artificial human tissues.

The artificial liver tissue is said to live for 4-8 weeks.


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