Practo releases Healthcare Map of India

The map indicates gastric and cardiac among fastest growing health concerns


The healthcare map has been compiled from data of over 75 million searches

Gastroenterologists were the fastest growing searched specialty across India in 2015, said Bengaluru-based firm Practo in its Healthcare Map of India 2015.

The company said that the healthcare map has been compiled from data of over 75 million searches and over 40 million appointments on the company's platform in 2015. Worth also noting is that due to the high search-to-appointment ratio, the data also is a reasonable match for search intent versus action of visiting the doctor. This means that the data is not merely informational but is action oriented.

The data throws up some interesting insights:
1.Lifestyle diseases are rising and rising fast - and not just in top cities but across the board in tier 2 and tier 3 towns as well.
2.There is growing number of Dermatology and ENT visits as well - perhaps signalling the growing air pollution we are witnessing in India.
3.Gastric problems and Cardiac issues are amongst the fastest growing health concerns in India.

"We are taking a stab at this by looking at our own data and making the insights available publicly so that we can spark and guide the conversation around what ails people in India and where healthcare efforts should be focused," wrote Practo in its blog.

For more information on India and specifics on key cities, do check out this handy info graphic:


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