Biomatiques partners with Singapore based Infinity Optics

The collaboration is to revolutionize iris recognition technology in India


The production of this upgraded technology is expected to start from March 2016

Biomatiques Identification Solutions has partnered with Singapore based Infinity Optics Solutions (IO) to integrate Biometric Extended Depth-of-Field image capture (BEDoF) in the Iris Recognition Technology for the Indian market. The production of this upgraded technology is expected to start from March 2016. The partnership between Biomatiques and Infinity Optics is set to revolutionize the Iris Recognition Technology industry in India by bringing more dynamic user experience to the category of Iris Biometric, and in doing so deliver practical and convenience to the use of Iris Recognition Technology as the biometric of choice.

Iris recognition uses random textures that are visible in the eye, using the eye to confirm someone's identity. Unlike voice, fingerprints and facial structure, iris patterns are far more random and unique. An algorithm is created to map the random pattern and then generate unique biometric template for human identification which is unique for every individual. The probability of duplication for voice recognition is 1 in 500, facial recognition - 1 in 1000, fingerprint - 1 in 10,000, Apple touch ID - 1 in 50,000 while in iris recognition, it is 1 in 15,00,000.

Mr Tamaal Roy, CEO, Biomatiques said, "It really makes us proud of the fact that we are partnering with Infinity Optics who are the leaders in the market. It is definitely a benefit for us as it has helped us to upgrade the quality of our lenses which will eventually improve the end user experience."

IO Solutions' unique and proprietary designs boast a Massive Depth-of-Field vision of up to 5 times. Along with IO Solutions' proprietary lens software, the technology delivers the highest quality image possible. Conventional technology utilizes an auto-focus mechanism and multiple lens construction which is not cost effective. The InfinityLens+ proprietary technology controls the optical aberrations beyond conventional ways of lens design.

Mr Alfred Chan, CEO Infinity Optics, added, " We specialize in single lens ‘extended depth of field' , something which will replace the conventional method which you so often see in hardware applications where the eye has to move towards or away from the device into a very restrictive and narrow sweet spot. Our solution is designed to allow users to look into the iris recognition device from a normal distance and still obtain a great image for biometric authentication."


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