Cipla launches anti-ageing skin care product Cutisera developed by Stempeutics

This is said to be first of its kind Indian skincare product with human bio-active factors that will revolutionize anti-ageing treatment


The product has been dermatologically tested with human volunteers with features of ageing skin over a period of 3 months

Cipla has announced that it has launched a novel "5 in 1" anti-ageing skin care product Cutisera developed by Stempeutics. Cutisera has been developed using bio-active factors derived from human adult stem cells to enhance the rejuvenation of ageing skin. The active ingredients have been tested for in vitro and in vivo efficacy.

The product has been dermatologically tested with human volunteers with features of ageing skin over a period of 3 months, wherein the product was applied twice a day. This human study has demonstrated Cutisera's effectiveness as a powerful and yet soothing anti-ageing skin care product suitable for all skin types of Indian origin. The formulated product does not contain any stem cells.

Commenting on the Cutisera launch, Mr Chandru Chawla, head of Cipla New Ventures said, "We are excited to launch Cutisera, the next generation bio-engineered skin care product. As we age and get exposed to environmental stressors, the production of human growth factors within skin is depleted, giving rise to features of ageing skin. By re-introducing these factors through daily application of Cutisera, damaged skin cells are repaired resulting in rejuvenation of the skin."

"We are pleased to market Cutisera through our JV partner Cipla", said Mr BN Manohar CEO of Stempeutics. He added,  "Already physician and consumer interest in Cutisera has been high. Cutisera has been developed using a unique & proprietary patent-pending technology that produces stable key ingredients containing growth factors and cytokines in specified amounts - batch after batch. This results in a consistent high quality product bench marked globally."

Dr Jaideep Gogtay, chief medical officer of Cipla said, "Improved technology and increased awareness is making people more concerned about their skin, this is driving them to look for skincare products that will not only slowdown the aging process but will also maintain their youthful look for a longer period. It is important to first understand what causes aging and then dealing with the underlying causes. Cutisera exactly does the same. It assists the body's natural biological repair processes to treat damaged skin and prevent further damage."


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