Mankind launches low-price anti-diabetic drug-Gliptin

A 30 day therapy of dynaglipt costs Rs. 600 to a patient in India


Mankind Pharma has launched anti-diabetic product Dynaglipt (Teneligliptin) for the diabetic patients of India targeting the middle class and rural diabetic patients of India so as to cater to this growing epidemic. The company has recently launched this advanced oral anti- diabetic drug as approved by Drug Controller General of India that produces sustained blood glucose control after all three meals and is also safe even in diabetic patients with kidney disease. This molecule comes under the category of DPP-4inhibitors.

As per IDF (International Diabetes Federation) there were more than 7 crores diabetic patients in India for the year 2014 and this figure will rise significantly to 11 crores. As most of the patient population resides in rural India or belong to middle class.

Dynaglipt, is the latest new generation oral anti-diabetic drug manufactured by Mankind which has received regulatory approval and is priced at nearly Rs 600 for 30 days therapy to a patient. Furthermore, this gliptin tablet is required to be taken or consumed just once in a day as compared to other diabetic drugs which are required to be taken after every meals. One dose itself, provides blood glucose control after all three meals.

Commenting on the launch, Mr. R.C Juneja, Chairman & Founder, Mankind Pharma said that"Currently there are 1.9 million of the 62 million diabetic patients in India who are estimated to be on gliptin therapy. Dynaglipt as an anti-diabetic drug by Mankind Pharma is most affordable Gliptin with unique advantages and availability all across India and will definitely bring delight for millions of diabetic patients in India. Also, this molecule could help bring down the cost of medicines by approx. 50%."

Mankind aims to achieve revenue of Rs. 4200 crore this year, with the launch of Dynaglipt the diabetes segment of Mankind Pharma will contribute 200 Cr to the revenue.

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