Roche launches the new cobas c 513 analyzer

The Cobas c 513 analyzer is for HbA1c testing for risk identification, diagnosis and monitoring of people with diabetes


The cobas c 513 analyzer provides a higher on-board test capacity

Roche has announced that its new, dedicated high-throughput HbA1c testing solution, the cobas c 513 analyzer, is now available for countries accepting the CE mark.

"The increasing number of people with diabetes is challenging healthcare providers and is putting a significant strain on healthcare systems. With the cobas c 513, Roche is meeting the dedicated and growing testing needs of our customers," said Mr Roland Diggelmann, COO, Roche Diagnostics.

With the new cobas c 513 analyzer, Roche is replacing its existing dedicated HbA1c analyzer, the COBAS INTEGRA 800 CTS, which has been a successful and well-established solution. The cobas c 513 analyzer further increases laboratory efficiency by doubling the already market-leading throughput of the INTEGRA 800 CTS from 200 to 400 patient results per hour. The cobas c 513 achieves this performance with the same footprint.

The cobas c 513 features direct results reporting, thereby minimizing the risk of result misinterpretation and eliminating the need to perform time-consuming, manual result interpretation. This saves valuable time and laboratory resources while ensuring high quality of results.

Furthermore, the cobas c 513 analyzer provides a higher on-board test capacity. Enabling laboratories to load the analyzer with more tests at a time saves laboratory space, releases lab resources and ensures a smooth workflow. The new analyzer also offers closed tube sampling, which reduces hands-on time, prevents sample contamination and ensures operator safety for laboratory personnel.


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