1400 patients benefit from embryonic stem cell therapy

Reveals key findings of human embryonic stem cell therapy presented at the national cardiac surgery doctors meet held at GB Pant Institute of Post-Graduate Medical Education and Research


Almost 1400 patients suffering from incurable or terminal diseases have got a new lease of life with human embryonic stem cell therapy till date. This was revealed recently at the ‘11th national comprehensive course in cardiovascular surgery' commemorating 50 years of excellence in cardiac surgery organized by GB Pant Institute of Post-Graduate Medical Education and Research.

The human embryonic stem cell therapy involves injecting the cells to help repair the affected area and restore the missing function of the body. These cells neither require any cross matching as in the case of adult stem cells nor do they require storage of umbilical cord blood. Upon transplantation, they do not elicit any immune reaction.

Dr Geeta Shroff, founder and medical director of Nutech Mediworld Hospital said, "Human embryonic stem cells have the potential to develop into more than 200 cell types. The technology can be successfully used to treat many of the incurable diseases and injuries that were not possible before"

The technology invented in 2002 by Dr Geeta Shroff successfully isolates purely human embryonic stem cell lines using just a single, spare fertilized egg from a regular IVF cycle. Over the last 13 years, the technology has helped many patients recover from various incurable conditions via cell repair and tissue regeneration. Studies have shown it can help regenerate heart muscles destroyed by heart attacks.

Human embryonic stem cells have a unique ability to transform into different tissue or organ specific cells, thereby increasing the scope of its applications. The technology developed by Dr Shroff is being used for treatment of many incurable diseases ranging from Spinal cord injury, Diabetes, ALS, Cerebral palsy, Stroke, Parkinson's disease and others.


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