DBT sets up target of $110 billion big biotech sector by 2025

After detailed deliberations at the recent strategy meet, the department of biotechnology has outlined the clear road map for the future


As per DBT, the targeted mission is to accelerate the pace of growth of biotechnology sector to achieve a target of $110 billion by 2025.

In response to questions from management and social sector experts on perceptible and measurable strategies of DBT over the next couple of years, Dr K Vijay Raghavan, secretary, DBT underlined that biotech will see at least a 20 percent increase in new companies, 20 percent more biotech incubators, 20 percent more social-sector partnerships, and 20 percent more Med-tech devices each year over the next three years

Dr Raghavan further stated that the results from stem-cell research will see impact on Sickle-cell anemia and Thalassemia treatments in three years. The work on maternal health, pre-term birth and stunted growth will result in significant improvement in nutrition and anemia treatment - programs for women within 2-3 years. India will establish a substantial presence in genome engineering and computational biology in coming three years.

"Mapping of the biodiversity of our islands and the coral reefs will be completed next year from which drug discovery centres will have access to novel compounds in two years. Major international collaborations will be established this year and the next following high-level exchanges with Japan (Stem-cells), France (Marine Biology) Canada (Stem cells), Netherlands (Vaccines), UK (Agri-plant), Netherlands (vaccines), US (Energy, Vaccines)," outlined the secretary DBT while addressing the directors, senior faculty and officers present on the occasion.

The concluding session of the strategy meet agreed to focus on:

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