Experts bet big on PPP, technology at CII Healthcare Conclave

At an event organized by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), the healthcare industry leaders listed public private partnership and technology as strong enablers for ending existing disparity


Experts from healthcare industry called for active industry participation under PPP mode, and focus on technological advancements as the only solution to vast prevailing disparity in healthcare at the CII Conclave on NextGen Healthcare - Roadmap: Quality Healthcare for All, organized by CII at New Delhi, on September 03, 2015.

They also stressed upon the need for active collaboration and support of various stakeholders like the industry, cooperatives and the NGOs in strengthening healthcare delivery systems, drugs distribution, use of Information Technology (IT), latest technologies and enhanced pharma supply chain management.

"Integration of working of five key ministries i.e the Ministry for Rural Development, Women and Child welfare, Water, Urban sanitation, Education and health is quite imperative", said Mr Dr Dinesh Batra, Co-Chairman, CII Healthcare & Director, Cygnus Hospitals. "If these five ministries can derive coordinated campaigns and launch joint schemes, then they would be far better equipped to provide quality healthcare to each and every individual of this country", he added.

"This is because some of the challenges lie outside health-care policy. Two-thirds of the health problems can also be solved by providing safe drinking water and sanitation. Even if we concentrate on these basic facilities, we can control many waterborne and airborne infectious diseases", he informed.

"Each year 39 million people in India enter BPL category due to poor delivery of healthcare services. To confront this, industry has to by-pass the rules and regulations and bureaucratic bottlenecks and find out innovative ways or build confidence with Chief Ministers and get MC regulations eased, to build world class hospitals and strengthen healthcare delivery system in India. For this, the key is good intent and strong political will of the government", emphasized Mr Batra.


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