HITLAB Innovators Summit 2015 highlights health tech innovation in India

Held at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi, the conference culminated in HITLAB World Cup India, rewarding technological breakthroughs that would eventually improve healthcare access and delivery

Mr Sahil Kapoor, Manager, HITLAB India and Summit Director, announced the winners of the HITLAB World Cup India. Mr. Kapoor noted, "Finalists in this challenge represent the best in healthcare innovation, offering new approaches that are not only visionary but practical. Our World Cup produced inspiring ideas with real-world applications."

"HITLAB is more than encouraged not only by the ideas that were elicited at our Summit in India, but also by public response to the event, which has gained much attention on social media and in academic circles," said Rai. "We're looking forward to our signature event December 3-4, 2015, the HITLAB Innovators Summit in New York City, where transformational ideas will no doubt continue to emerge."

Winners received seed funding of 20,00,000 INR and mentorship from HealthStart India. They are:

KiviHealth is a health-tech start-up that aims to provide an affordable, patient-centric, digital health information management system that can be used across multiple clinics, hospitals, labs and pharmacies. With a vision for "One Patient, One Record," KiviHealth provides patients with access to their health information, brings more clarity to medical management, and enables doctors to make superior medical decisions.

iMed India
iMed India is solving the problem of real-time information flow between multiple stakeholders in the pharmaceutical supply chain by using state-of-the-art mobile and cloud computing technology. By integrating the end consumers, retailers, stockists, and pharmaceutical companies, iMed India promises to cut the cost of medicine distribution and eliminate waste by 40% to 60%.


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