InterpretOmics announces the launch of ‘HLAScape’

‘HLAScape’ is said to be India’s first HLA Typing software for organ transplantation


Mr Prahalad Achutharao, co-founder and CEO and Dr Asoke Talukder, co-founder and chief scientific officer (CSO), InterpretOmics

Bengaluru-based InterpretOmics has announced the launch of ‘HLAScape', the country's first Human Leukocyte Antigen (HLA) Typing software solution for organ transplantation and autoimmune disease diagnosis.

To commemorate ‘Organ Donation day' being celebrated in the country on August 13, InterpretOmics will offer the current version of HLAScape free to academic institutes, public research institutes and public hospitals to make their decision fast and precise for organ transplantation and clinical diagnosis.

"Many organ transplants fail due to incorrect HLA typing. HLAScape is a comprehensive software solution for high precision HLA Typing from NGS (Genomics) data for - clinical and transplantation diagnostics. High-resolution HLA Typing is essential in transplantation diagnostics to minimize risk of complexities and improvement of post transplantation graft acceptance", said Dr Asoke Talukder, co-founder and chief scientific officer (CSO), InterpretOmics. He added, "Also, the algorithm accurately identifies the possibility of disease association with the HLA profile of a patient through InterpretOmics curated database called HLABase, which is first in the world."

HLAScape can be successfully leveraged to probe HLA associated disease association. It is aimed at precisely identifying all known HLA alleles and also the common HLA alleles across samples. Match profile for donors and patients is constructed based on expressed alleles at HLA markers.

"This powerful software developed by InterpretOmics is efficient in identifying all the alleles at high digit resolution, a feature that makes it far superior than any other available software in the market today. Available in On-Premise and Cloud modes, HLAScape ensures accuracy, repeatability and speed of analysis," said Mr Prahalad Achutharao, co-founder and CEO, InterpretOmics.


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