Strand launches genomic profiling service in India

Test provides standard-of-care tissue-specific results for non-small cell lung (NSCLC), breast, and colon carcinomas within 10 working days


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Strand Life Sciences, a global genomic profiling company that uses next generation sequencing technology to empower personalized cancer care, announced the India launch of StrandAdvantage, a cancer tissue-specific genomic profiling service to provide oncologists with clinically actionable and timely results for first-line therapy decisions.

The newly launched service accelerates the analysis of therapeutically actionable cancer genes in solid tumors, and matches them to relevant National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN)-recommended cancer therapies, enabling timely decisions for patient-specific treatments.

StrandAdvantage provides oncologists with clinically actionable tissue-specific results for non-small cell lung, breast, and colon carcinomas in a standard-of-care report within 10 working days.

Strand's NGS-based genomic profiling service provides a comprehensive view of genomic changes in an easy-to-read report enabling oncologists to make optimized, first-line treatment decisions.

The service also provides an extended investigational 'on-demand' report after 15 days for cases that require a complete workup of all major gene variants and pathways known to be impacted by existing targeted therapies.


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