Conservation of medicinal plants: A look at efforts since 2000

The drying pipelines of novel chemical drugs, are slowly making companies to pay attention towards the potential of medicinal plants. The rich biodiversity and traditional knowledge has so far remained unutilized


The government of India had set up the National Medicinal Plants Board vide resolution notified on 24th November, 2000 to co-ordinate with ministries, departments, organizations, states  and UT governments for development of medicinal plants sector in general and specifically in the areas relating to assessment of demand supply, advising on policy, promotion of conservation, proper harvesting, cultivation, quality control, research and development, processing, marketing of raw material in order to protect, sustain and develop this sector.

For overall development of medicinal plants sector in the country the NMPB has been implementing following Schemes since year 2008-09:

1. Central Sector Scheme for "Conservation, Development and Sustainable Management of Medicinal Plants"aimed at providing support for Survey, Inventorization, in-situ conservation, ex-situ conservation / herbal gardens, Research and Development, linkage with peoples collectives like Self Help Groups (SHGs), Joint Forests Management Committees (JFMCs) etc. The Scheme is being continued during the 12th Plan.

2. Centrally Sponsored Scheme of "National Mission on Medicinal Plants"is primarily aimed at supporting cultivation of medicinal plants on private land with backwards linkages, for establishment of nurseries for supply of quality planting material etc. and forward linkages for post-harvest management, marketing infrastructure, certification etc. Currently this Scheme is being implemented as a component (Medicinal Plants) of the National AYUSH Mission (NAM) Scheme of the Ministry of AYUSH.

For increasing the availability of medicinal plants in the country, the NMPB under its aforesaid Schemes is mainly supporting the activities / programmes for augmenting the existing resources and cultivation of prioritized Medicinal / herbal plants species.


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