Samsung's improved diagnostic system offers great relief to patients

System 'RS80A' featuring enhanced usability, reliability and image quality, targets research and general hospitals around the world with additional clinical solution


Samsung’s new RS80A with Prestige launched in India on July 21, 2015, boosts diagnostic confidence with advanced clinical features for radiology market.

Samsung Electronics which has so far been best known to produce mobile and digital technology is betting big on the potential of healthcare market. 

The company's Lifecare division on July 22, 2015, announced the launch of a premium ultrasound imaging system ‘RS80A with Prestige' with an enhanced diagnostic package designed for radiology departments. The RS80A with Prestige strengthened research ability to the existing RS80A over a broad spectrum of diseases related to abdominal, breast, cardiovascular, and musculoskeletal ailments, to provide higher clinical value. After the launch of Samsung's first radiology system RS80A last year, RS80A with Prestige will come with additional research functions to enhance user experience. The machine costs around INR 1 lakh and can be moved around easily.

Speaking to the BioSpectrum, Mr Dinesh Lodha, senior vice president, Health and Medical Technology, Samsung India mentioned, "We are investing big time in healthcare and it is not only for business expansion but to provide quality services to patients. Our focus is mainly on improving technologies that will improve lives of people. RS80A is one of the technologies that showcases our thrust on that."

RS80A with Prestige is equipped with S-Fusion, which is a function that can compare the body parts intended for diagnosis through ultrasound imaging with CT or MRI imaging simultaneously for analysis. Users can determine the location of lesions more precisely that the existing ultrasound imaging couldn't locate with high resolution of CT and MRI imaging. In particular, S-Fusion allows auto-registration that aligns imaging of CT or MRI within 30 seconds to enable a quick diagnosis.

S-Shearwave, which helps analyze the characteristics of body tissue without biopsy, provides numerical measurements of stiffness using the shear wave produced around the region of interest. The function supports accurate diagnosis by providing Reliable Measurement Index (RMI) and statistics for repeated measurements including the median and standard deviation.


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