Trivitron Healthcare launches two new tests

The company announces the launch of two new tests in the newborn screening panel


The two new tests are Neonatal IRT and Neonatal Toxoplasma gondii IgM

Trivitron healthcare has added two new products in the Newborn Screening kit. With this launch, they aim to create better future for newborn babies in the country by providing corrective diagnosis at birth. The two new tests are Neonatal IRT and Neonatal Toxoplasma gondii IgM that detect disorders which may harm the newborn in later stages of life.

The company already offers Newborn screening assays through the Labsystems diagnostics brand, like TSH, PKU, 17OHP, G6PD, Galactose and Toxoplasmi gondii. Together with its fully automated NS2400 platform, Trivitron has launched two new products to complement its newborn screening panel. Neonatal IRT can detect disorders affecting the lungs, pancreas, intestine and liver. Whereas, Neonatal Toxoplasma gondii IgM can detect neurological and visual disabilities.

Dr GSK Velu, founder and MD of Trivitron Group of companies said, "Trivitron Healthcare is taking strong steps towards women and child healthcare diagnosis. The thought behind adding two critical tests to the kit is to eradicate detected problems in the newborn at early stages for better lifestyle and to live a carefree life. Trivitron is known for its innovation in medical technology sector and making it available and affordable to larger section of the population across the globe."



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