Bioclusters: An imported American concept

Currently there are 5 Government of Karnataka (GoK)-enabled upcoming Bioinnovation clusters in Karnataka


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KBITS (Karnataka Biotechnology and Information Technology Services) organized a workshop titled ‘Creation of Mega Biocluster in Karnataka' on July 8, 2014, at the soon-to-be opened Bangalore Bioinnovation Center (BBC) in Bangalore.

The workshop brought forward issues dealing with the creation of bioclusters in India, and it also sought to hear and address the plethora of bottlenecks faced by biotech start-ups in running their enterprises.

"The key factors for innovation success are three major ingredients: infrastructure, human resources and networking. India is a land of challenges. For most of those challenges, the solution lies in life sciences and information technology. Challenges create opportunities for innovation," said Dr Jagadish Mittur in his speech, who is the Head of Biotechnology Facilitation Cell, KBITS, Department of IT BT and S&T, Government of Karnataka.

Speaking about collaboration in Life Sciences, Dr Mittur pointed, "In India we seem to work in silos and compete, rather than collaborate. Networking and collaboration are the keys. There are complexities to solutions lying in life sciences. It is time we collaborate and setup facilities needed to collaborate. Necessity is the mother of all innovations. We need to identify rural and urban challenges, define objectives and check the market requirements and benefits for the society."

Currently there are 5 Government of Karnataka (GoK)-enabled upcoming Bioinnovation clusters in the State:


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