Thermo Fisher presents KingFisher Duo Prime system

New nucleic acid and protein purification system helps ensure efficient, reliable purification


Thermo Scientific KingFisher systems are designed to isolate DNA, RNA and proteins from a variety of starting materials

Thermo Fisher Scientific has launched a new nucleic acid and purification system, the new KingFisher Duo Prime system, builds upon the utility of its existing KingFisher Duo system, to help improve reproducibility and deliver high quality samples with less time and effort than traditional manual methods.

With the KingFisher Duo, isolating DNA from 12 blood samples takes as little as 53 minutes and only requires a mere 15 minutes of hands-on time, compared to manual spin-column methods, which take up to 90 minutes of hands-on time.

"Thermo Fisher Scientific continues to advance the functionality of its laboratory nucleic acid purification systems with the launch of the Thermo Scientific KingFisher Duo Prime system," said Ms Hanna Grano-Fabritius, business director, Sample Preparation and Analysis, Thermo Fisher Scientific. She added, "With the KingFisher Duo Prime system, researchers can achieve high quality samples while streamlining purification efforts."

Thermo Scientific KingFisher systems are designed to isolate DNA, RNA and proteins from a variety of starting materials, including cell-free body fluids, blood, bacteria, cell cultures, tissue and plant samples. Low-to medium-throughput laboratories typically rely on manual processes to purify these samples. Manual purification, however, is a lengthy process involving multiple hands-on steps that can introduce the risk of human error and sample degradation.

It has a built-in UV lamp that delivers easy and effective decontamination; and bar-code reader allows users to track samples directly in the internal software, an open platform allows researchers to optimize their workflow. Thermo Scientific KingFisher Pure reagent kits can be used for a complete, easy-to-use solution, while Thermo Scientific BindIt software enables users to make modifications and choose their own reagents. The automated magnetic bead technology, included in all KingFisher systems, is designed to enable reproducibility of each assay run from researcher to researcher and day to day. The new elution strip cap allows users to store their purified samples until they are ready to proceed with downstream analysis.


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