Tech Mahindra ambitious towards healthcare

Tech Mahindra has signed a 10-year deal as a technology partner with UK-based Circle Health. The deal is worth £50 million


Mr Steve Melton, CEO, Circle Health (Photo Courtesy:

Circle will provide access to its hospitals, clinicians and experience of running healthcare, allowing Mahindra to develop and adopt new technologies that improve patient care, operational delivery and to reduce costs for all parties.

The project will be delivered by nth Dimension, a newly formed wholly owned subsidiary of Tech Mahindra in the UK.

Mr Steve Melton, CEO, Circle, said: "This deal is a sign of the times. Healthcare has yet to see the tech-led disruption that we've seen in other sectors, but we think that is about to change. At the same time, there is a big push in UK government policy for transparency and better patient access to data - while the need for healthcare operators to be efficient has never been higher."

He also added, "Tech Mahindra are a hugely respected firm with a track record of innovation. Its technology has made organizations across a vast range of sectors more connected, agile and efficient. We're absolutely delighted our partnership with

Tech Mahindra will support us to grow our business and improve our competitiveness through the adoption of new technologies."


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