Indigenous test to monitor cerebral palsy recognized globally

Study published in International Archives of Medicine proves that the unique indigenous tool,Nutech Functional Score can be used globally to assess the improvement in patients with Cerebral Palsy


Doctors at Nutech Mediworld, the world's only human embryonic stem cell therapy center based in India, have demonstrated the effectiveness of a tool to track improvement of Cerebral Palsy (CP) patients after undergoing treatment. The tool, the first of its kind, tracks over 32 parameters to provide accurate assessment of the progress of the disease as compared to the existing method of screening.

The result of this new study tool, called Nutech Functional Score (NFS), developed by Dr Geeta Shroff, has been published in the International Archives of Medicine (June, 2015), an open access international medical science and clinical practice journal.

NFS can assess all known symptoms of CP that remain far from assessment using the presently used testing system called the Gross Motor Function Classification System (GMFCS). These include feeding, indication, epilepsy, toilet training, drooling, mathematical skills, hearing, vision, commands, smiling, constipation, recognition/awareness, eye contact, aggression, speech, breathing difficulty, defence mechanism and swallowing. As opposed to GMFCS, NFS scoring system is not only more sensitive towards infants but can also be used to assess patients aged above 18 years.

As per Dr Geeta Shroff, founder and medical director, Nutech Mediworld, "Our test will help in better evaluation and monitoring of CP patients following treatment. It will also help in better disease management and course correction as it covers all the known symptoms that are important to assess patient with CP."

GMFCS scoring system, measured in grades, poses certain limitations as it is based only on self initiated movement, especially ability to walk and stand. The distinction between first two levels of GMFCS is unclear, mainly for children below the age of 2 years.


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