Avesthagen partners with Queensland Australia

This Australia-India collaboration aims to make migraine therapy a reality


The migraine diagnostic and targeted vitamin therapy will be launched in India

Avesthagen announces collaboration with Queensland University of Technology (QUT).  Avesthagen will license QUT technology based on the work of QUT's Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation, specifically in using a specific gene targeted vitamin therapy to reduce migraine frequency, severity and pain. The company will validate the migraine marker in the Parsi population through its Avestagenome Project along with the specific gene targeted therapy.

The migraine diagnostic and targeted vitamin therapy will be launched in India with the migraine tests being done at AQUAS, a testing, diagnostic and services company, a subsidiary of Avesthagen. The targeted therapy will be marketed by Avesta Nordic, a preventive healthcare and nutrition company of Avesthagen.

IHBI executive director Professor Lyn Griffiths leads the research team, which showed in two clinical trials that vitamin use reduced migraine disability, frequency and severity in sufferers of this common neurological disorder.

The collaboration with Avesthagen will enable the researchers to translate their findings into a diagnostic and a therapeutic that can improve the lives of people with migraine. It will also enable the development of a safe and effective pharmaceutical vitamin therapy that can be cheaply produced at industrial quantities.

IHBI researchers and Avesthagen will also pursue linked funding opportunities from the Australian and Indian governments to undertake further migraine genetics research. Prof. Griffiths heads the Genomics Research Centre, with researchers investigating the genetic and environmental factors involved in common chronic disorders.


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