DBT to support leads in marine biology product development

The department of biotechnology (DBT) has sought proposals from the researchers who have interesting ideas to develop the commercial products from the marine biology projects


India's hidden treasure: The marine biology is so vast that it has not been fully researched so far!

Given the excellent potential of marine biology for development of commercially viable products, the department of biotechnology (DBT) has proposed to invite concept notes from the scientists who have visible and potential leads identified from the marine sources, either individually or in collaboration through a team or institutions. DBT has been supporting programmes in the area of Aquaculture and Marine Biotechnology, both of strategic and applied nature.

As per DBT, the concept should focus on biotechnological intervention for production of high value seaweeds for day to day use, green technology enzymes and chemicals from marine bioresource, biomaterials from marine bio resource and novel product from extremophiles. The research should be proposed with the available leads, identified and evaluated for different activities from marine sources for further characterization and up scaling through appropriate industry involvement. Thus concept should be based on the expertise of marine biology, chemists and others for finer characterization of the known molecules. Equally, the team can also involve bio informatics specialists as well
the interested industry.

The concept note received will be examined through the steering committee on Joint DBT and MoES Programme on Marine Natural Products constituted for the purpose. The concept notes should be submitted on the above identified areas giving emphasis on the proposed product, bioactive molecules, process development and future research for further characterization and up scaling. The concept note can be submitted by R&D organizations individually or in collaboration with industrial partners, if required. Only short listed concept notes will be invited for submission of detail proposals for financial support as per the modalities of the department.

The soft copy of the concept note can be submitted to DBT before 31st July, 2015 in the prescribed format.

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