iLife Discoveries introduces a gene test to diagnose cancer recurrence

Oncologists across the world today are increasingly relying on genomic tests like blueprint to tailor treatments for different patients by knowing more about the tumor’s biology


At a press conference, Mr Anand Gupta, founder and CMD, iLife Discoveries was joined by leading oncologists of the capital to unveil the new gene test

Adding a powerful new tool to the existing modality of breast cancer management, genetics and genomics company, ILife Discoveries has introduced a revolutionary new gene test that will help oncologists get a deeper insight into tumors and assist them in deciding if chemotherapy can be avoided in some cancer patients.

By giving a better understanding of biology of a tumor, the Not all cancers have the same physiology, nor do all tumors follow the same path of development. This is why chemotherapy, the difficult yet indispensible tool in cancer treatment is not needed in all patients. However, given the lack of our ability to predict course of disease and its risk of recurrence, doctors currently practice a blanket approach in treating all patients cancer, risk of recurrence of early stage cancer, thereby enabling medical oncologists to take informed decisions on the course of treatment. For millions of breast cancer patients in India, the twin technologies are advancements that can shed new light on whether treatment is possible without undergoing the harsh chemotherapy process.

Speaking on the occasion of the launch of gene test, Mr Anand Gupta, founder and CMD, iLife Discoveries mentioned, "The biology of each tumor is different. Apart from the stage of detection, an important component of treatment success is the physiology and subtype of the cancer with some subtypes having better prognosis as against others. Not all patients need to go through the difficult and challenging chemotherapy after a surgical procedure to kill chances of cancerous cells recurring. However, in the absence of reliable mechanisms to provide efficient insight into the cancer and the possibility of its recurrence, most oncologists take recourse to the tried and tested chemotherapy mechanism. The MammaPrint and Blueprint technology can help doctors reduce the use of unnecessary chemotherapy by identifying the risks and its need." 

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