DBT to fund nanobiotech research for cancer cure

In order to create new research paradigms for cancer treatment using nanobiotechnology, the department of biotechnology (DBT) has invited proposals for the grant of funding


A few Indian research based drug discovery companies have successfully created few nano-based cure options for cancer. However, given the broad possibilities, there are endless opportunities of new therapies.

As per DBT, the nanobiotechnology enabled system may offer revolutionary advantages for the better treatment of complex disease like cancer. Therefore, aiming to promote and provide opportunities to the scientists working at the interface of cancer biology and nanobiotechnology, the Indian government's premier biotechnology organization has asked for proposals built upon innovative ideas related to translational nano medicine to address various issues in treatment of cancer by undertaking studies in the areas.

The proposals in areas such as novel nano formulations of already approved chemodrugs to improve the bioavailability, PK/PD, tumour specificity and reduction of toxicity, nanoscale modifications of clinical chemodrugs leading to significant improvement in the mode of action, PK/PD and toxicity profile; nano engineering for finding new targets for existing chemo drugs; dentifying novel translational biomarker for nano medicine targets; mplantable local drug delivery platforms for anti-cancer drug delivery; endogenous protein / biomineral nanoparticles based drug delivery systems; synergistic anti-cancer activity of nanoparticles in combination with chemodrugs.

Research ideas that could be considered are in areas like nanobiotechnology based novel strategies for overcoming in vivo barriers; radio-frequency ablation using nanoparticles; photo-thermal ablation using nanoparticles, nanoparticle assisted magnetic hyperthermia, nano-RNAi system for siRNA and miRNA delivery and nano-gene delivery, anti-cancer nano-peptide therapy, nanoparticles assisted monoclonal therapy, molecularly targeted cancer nanomedicines, nano medicine targeted to drug resistance mechanisms.

Interested applicants can submit full proposal on DBT format online through epromis system available on its site. Last date of submission is June 30, 2015.

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