Transasia introduces Sysmex’s new product

Transasia presents Sysmex XN series hematology analyzer


Sysmex's new hematology analyzer

Sysmex Corporation has launched a Sysmex XN series hematology analyzer. The new Sysmex XN series is equipped with a White Precursor Cell (WPC) channel to differentiate abnormal lymphocytes and blasts by using the optical detection system and Fluoroscence flowcytometry. The products are marketed in India, exclusively by Transasia Bio-Medicals.

A study (published in December, 2013, in the International Journal of Laboratory Hematology) conducted by the scientists at the National Cancer Center Hospital (Tokyo, Japan) concluded that the HPC count obtained on a Sysmex XN analyzer correlates accurately with the enumerated CD34 cells. Cells expressing the CD34+ and hematopoietic progenitor cells (HPCs) were compared in 76 granulocyte colony-stimulating factor (G-CSF) mobilized blood or apheresis samples taken from 18 healthy donors and 6 patients undergoing autologous PBSCT. CD34+ cells were isolated using MACS magnetic cell separation kits (MiltenyiBiotec - BergischGladbach, Germany).

Thus, The Sysmex XN analyzer can carry out an HPC enumeration without the use of monoclonal antibodies, Sensitivity of flagging of blasts is enhanced in the WPC channel of the instrument. It gives a clear demarcation between the blasts and the abnormal lymphocytes, the total number of HPCs in the final products, as well as from pre apheresis PB and intermediate products during apheresis, can be used to predict the final amount of collected CD34+ cells, the detection and number of HPC in the peripheral blood could possibly provide a standard and rapid alternative for predicting the yield of stem cells collected by apheresis.


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