Cole-Parmer expands its Digi-Sense line


Many of these instruments are calibrated and ready to use

Cole-Parmer, a global leader experience in fluid handling, electrochemistry, laboratory equipment and supplies announced the expansion of its precision instruments line, the DigiSense. The new instruments included in the line are for convenient temperature measurement, equipment testing, and inspection. The instruments available in this product line, also called "Be Sense-ible" are a full range of environmental and temperature instruments that include thermocouple meters, thermistor meters, RTD meters and infrared thermometers. Many of these instruments are calibrated and ready to use.

The new products are as follows:

1. Digi-Sense Precalibrated Humidity and Temperature Indicator monitors humidity levels and displays temperature and time as well.
2. Digi-Sense Precalibrated Pocket Thermometers in large head, pen style, and folding probe types take fast and accurate temperature measurements anywhere.
3. Digi-Sense Precalibrated Pocket-Size Moisture Meter measures the moisture level in wood products and hardened materials.
4. Digi-Sense Precalibrated Digital Contact/Photo Tachometer ensures that the equipment is in optimal operating condition.
5. Digi-Sense Borescope and Video Borescope - ideal for inspecting duct work, wiring, piping, vehicles, and other hard-to-reach areas.

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