Mylan’s hot letter to Teva’s $40 bn offer

The following is the text of the letter that was sent on April 27, 2015, by Mylan's CEO to Teva's president and CEO, Mr Erez Vigodman, as a response to its $40 bn offer to buy Mylan.


Mr Robert J Coury, vice-chairman and chief executive, Mylan (Photo Courtesy:

April 27, 2015

Erez Vigodman
Chief Executive Officer
Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, Ltd.
5 Basel St.
P.O. Box 3190 Petach Tikva
Israel 49131

Dear Erez:

First, let me say what a pleasure it was to meet you for the first time in New York last Friday. As we discussed, I was very disappointed by your decision to make your interest in Mylan public without first taking the time to speak to me or meet in person. As those who know me will attest, I always am willing to discuss opportunities to create value for Mylan's shareholders and other stakeholders, and although it was after-the-fact, I was happy to grant you the opportunity to meet with me in person to hear your rationale outlined in your letter dated April 21, 2015. 

During our meeting, we touched on Teva's many struggles throughout the last several years, including the approval of the first generic version of your flagship product Copaxone® (despite Teva's claims that an AB-rated generic would never be approved); the persistent turnover and turmoil amongst the Teva leadership and Board and the resulting strategic confusion; Teva's consistent underperformance in comparison to the market and our industry; and your increasing need to find new sources of future growth. As I am sure you are aware, Mylan's historical compound annual growth rates (CAGR) in terms of revenues and adjusted EBITDA from 2011-2014 are more than double Teva's. 1


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