Pharmalab launches a new derouging system

Pharmalab in collaboration with Borer has launched a new innovative derouging system


Rouging is characterized by a reddish brown staining on a stainless steel surface

Pharmalab has announced the launch of the Borer Deconex Derouging Solution. Rouging is an inversion of the passive layer rich in chromium-oxides to a porous layer rich in iron-oxides. This encourages the formation of iron-oxide and other metal oxides and causes the surface to change colour. This is particularly in the case when the surfaces are exposed to hot, low ion and low oxygen for extended period of time e.g. in the plants that produces purified water (PW), water for injection (WFI), Autoclaves or in tanks. It is typically characterized by reddish brown staining on stainless steel surface in isolated form.

The advantages of Borer Deconex Derouging Solution are that it shortens process time therefore, longer duty cycles for production equipment. This is a pH neutral process hence solutions and rinsing water do not require neutralizing. It increases safety at work as high concentration of aggressive acids are not required. It is simple in process control therefore monitoring of derouging solution effectiveness does not require expensive analytical instrument.

Also, rapid results leads to short derouging cycle time and improved efficiency. The low concentration leads to a cost effective application. Excellent material compatibility. Longer life cycle for process equipment. Does not contain halogenides hence no chemical attack on surfaces.

The solution validates analytical methods, therefore, allow a residue free process. Well established analytical procedures enables a rapid transfer of the derouging process.

The Deconex DEROUGE system is especially suited to the derouging of production systems, storage tanks and distribution system of water (PW & WFI), pure steam systems, process vessels e.g. in vaccine production, Autoclaves, and lyophilizers.


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