Siemens introduces a new ultrasound system

Siemens launches a new ACUSON S2000 Helx ultrasound system for better management of liver diseases


The new ACUSON S2000 system offers outstanding image clarity

The liver malfunction can be diagnosed and treated at a much earlier stage using a simple, non-invasive technique called Liver Elastography introduced by Siemens and is performed using Acoustic Radiation Forced Impulse (ARFI) imaging. ARFI is possible on Siemens' ACUSON S2000 Helx ultrasound system. The assessment provided by this technology combined with high resolution imaging, enables physicians for differentiation in abnormalities such as liver tumors, liver diseases causing cirrhosis or the quantification of fibrosis progression. Liver Elastography provides information about liver, which was earlier obtained via biopsy an invasive procedure, which is both time-consuming and stressful for the patient. This new technology is faster than conventional methods and provides comfort to the patients as well. 

ACUSON S2000 system offers outstanding image clarity, semi-automated protocols, and our complete portfolio of strain imaging technologies. With the HELX Evolution, this high-density ultrasound system offers optimized probe design for streamlined workflow, Virtual Touch technologies and a full HD experience, from transducer to display. 

"At Siemens, we strive to bring the most disruptive technologies to clinic; that could change the paradigms of diagnosis and management in the most difficult diseases. ACUSON S2000 HELX ultrasound system exemplifies one such innovation. It has introduced a 4th generation ARFI technology which now, with its Quantification capability, is aiding clinicians in early diagnosis of diffused liver disease. We are glad that Jaslok Hospital is utilizing this technology to its maximum," said Mr Kailash Yagnik, CEO-Clinical Products, Siemens Healthcare India.

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