CSIR Institute develops key technology for diesel conversion

Indian Railways is soon to set up plants to manufacture diesel for mechanical traction with technology patented by scientists at the CSIR-Indian Institute of Petroleum (CSIR-IIP) Dehradun


The Union Minister for Science & Technology and vice-president of CSIR, Dr Harsh Vardhan visiting the Indian Institute of Petroleum, in Dehradun on April 17, 2015

During his recent visit to CSIR-IIP in Dehradun, Dr Harsh Vardhan, Union Science and Technology minsiter pointed towards the institute's successful project to produce low-carbon jet fuel from the inedible, drought-resistant Jatropha plant. "This has already captured the imagination of several governments worldwide, he said.

Dr Vardhan elaborated, "We have gone several steps ahead in developing alternative sources of jet fuel. Jatropha apart, CSIR-IIP has the knowledge to make jet fuel out of any non-edible oil -even the waste cooking oil from our kitchens is soon to become prized material in the market."

The minister,who has initiated several renewable energy missions in the national capital -including a project to run public toilets with solar power-fuelled taps, exhaust fans and lights - said "We must make a social movement out of alternative fuel use. Our cultural heritage has been one of the most environment friendly. Our villagers have used cowdung cakes as a fuel source for thousands of years. In recent decades we had been following the mad path of over-consumption. Now, thanks to our scientists we can revert to our original mindset of preservation."

While moving fast with alternative fuels, CSIR-IIP has continued with its founding mission of developing cleaner forms of fossil fuels. This has led to the development of world class sweetening catalyst which helps to remove excessive foul smelling mercaptans from LPG. After capturing the Indian market, recently 600 Kg of this new material hit the international market," Dr Harsh Vardhan announced.

"Energy and environment are two side of the same coin," he pointed out. "I urge our scientists to constantly strive to develop new technologies and products with zero defect and zero effect which can help to produce a higher GDP per unit of energy consumed. India must be at the forefront of fighting climate change. We would thus help realise the vision of our Prime Minister and President, CSIR."

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