DuPont opens an Innovation Application Center

The Innovation Application Center, which has capabilities to expand, will initially employ 15 to 20 people by this year-end


The center is located in Gurgaon

DuPont Nutrition and Health has announced the opening of an Innovation Application Center in Gurgaon. The multi-million-dollar facility houses state-of-the-art equipment and capabilities to serve the food industry in the country.

"According to industry estimates, the food industry in India is growing between 15 and 20 percent annually. We recognize that while the science of food is global, the taste and flavors of food are local," said Mr Matthias Heinzel, president of DuPont Nutrition and Health. He added, "As we develop those local solutions, we need to be able to work closely with our local customers on foods they are developing for their consumers. This Innovation Application Center provides that access and a place for us to share our innovation and expertise, to showcase what we can offer and to help our customers save valuable time in developing novel solutions for the market. Our India Innovation Application Center coupled with the DuPont Innovation Center network leverages a wealth of knowledge, science expertise and experience from all our experts globally."

"The DuPont offering in India cuts across the landscape of food, from flour-based products to dairy to nutritional beverages and powders," added Mr Brian Jones, regional leader, DuPont Nutrition and Health, South Asia. He added, "Among the focus areas of the Innovation Application Center will be protective cultures for dahi and yogurt, soy protein products, ice-cream and more nutritious, Indian snacks and biscuits tailored to meet the regional taste and texture expectations. The center also will allow DuPont to introduce formulations that are more convenient and affordable for more food choices for the food industry. An example is the work ongoing with customers on increasing the shelf-life of products in hotter climates where cold chain technology is not available. In addition, as a global leader in probiotics, DuPont is working closely with Indian companies to develop probiotics for gut and immune health."



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