SRL Diagnostics awards 'women of substance'

As a part of its corporate social responsibility initiative, SRL awarded five women with exceptional lives besides providing them with free cervical cancer screening and a lifetime offer of SRL’s premium health screening package


SRL awarded exceptionally spirited women on Women’s Day with a gift of health

On the occasion of International Women's Day, SRL Diagnostics on March 02, 2015, honoured and felicitated five exceptionally spirited women from the city, who despite all odds in their lives have emerged winners and are role models for many. These spirited women were honoured by SRL Diagnostics with high end cervical cancer screening and a lifetime offer of SRLs premium health screening package.

In an endeavour to promote the message of preventive healthcare, the diagnostic chain also released a report on ‘Importance of early diagnosis in women'. The 5 women felicitated included Ms Sonia Choudhary, an acid attack survivor; Ms Anjina Rajagopalan, a social philanthropist; Ms Anna Marie Lopes, domestic violence survivor; Ms Omkari, a cab driver and Ms Rajni Bhagat Arora, a cancer survivor.

At the felicitation event held at Press Club, Mr Sanjeev Vashishta, CEO, SRL Diagnostics told BioSpectrum, "We have been at the forefront of the diagnostic revolution in India and will continue to fulfill our social responsisbilities as well.  It gives me immense pleasure to acknowledge the spirited life of these five women which in itself is inspiring for all of us. In our small way we want to offer our gratitude by offering them free cervical cancer screening once in every five years in addition to a lifetime annual health check up."

At the event, SRL Diagnostics released a report on the importance of early diagnosis in women. As part of the report it emerged thatmost of the women are not knowledgeable about the changes that their bodies undergo over time. Sometimes,the changes that seem normal can be a warning signal forthe most deadly diseases. These alarming statistics reveal the grim scenario of women's health; at a national and international level.

It is stated that according to the National Family Health Survey, more than half of women in India (55 percent) have anemia. Registrar General of India reports that cardiovascular diseases (CVD) as the most important cause of death in women. Of more than 10 million deaths annually in India, almost two million are due to diseases of circulatory system, of which 40 percent are women. On the other hand almost, 2.1 million women die of diabetes each year in the world, making diabetes the ninth leading cause of death among women. This number is expected to rise to 192 million by the year 2025. Around 40 million Indians suffer from thyroid related disorders, of which 60 percent are women. International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF) report implied that the indicator of low vitamin D levels and bone density among women all over the world is more rampant as compared to men. Osteoporosis is estimated to affect 200 million women worldwide.

"Women form the nucleus of every family. Unfortunately they are the most neglected section of our society. There is an urgent need for action to propagate the prominence of preventive healthcare in women. It needs to combat all kinds of ignorance regarding women's health, which is showing an alarming upward trend of late. At SRL Diagnostics, we lay emphasis on prevention and not just an early detection. Symptoms if treated timely and long before they develop into a full blown serious ailment are always better than late action which means higher expenses, misery and anxiety for the patient and the family." Mr Vashishta added further.


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