J&J launches 3 new platforms focused on diseases


The microbiome call the human body home (www.nature.com)

Unveiling three new platforms, J&J has revealed that its focus now would be on redefinig healthcare by preventing and intrecepting diseases. It will also try to understand the role of the microbiome.

Of the 3 units, the first of which is the Janssen Prevention Center, headquartered in the Netherlands, which will focus on preventing diseases uch as Alzheimer's, heart, cancer and autoimmune diseases. The Disease Interception Accelerator will explore the origins of diseases, including type 1 diabetes, such as genetic predisposition, environmental exposure and phenotypic alterations, and try to pre-empt them.

The Janssen Human Microbiome Institute, the third of the series launched, will study the microbiome, the diverse bacteria living in and on the body.  The role of these bacteria are under increasing scrutiny for the role they play in human health. 

These teams will collaborate with the existing Janssen R&D unit. 



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