Where are our good days? asks clinical research industry

Having witnessed its worst phase in last two years, the clinical research industry is set to discuss its challenge sand way forward across the table with key regulatory authorities of the government


The clinical trials in industry has seen drastic decline in last few years forcing companies to shift locations out of India!

In wake of challenging two years for clinical research in the country and only a few very recent positive regulatory developments, the Indian Society for Clinical Research (ISCR) is organising its 8th annual conference to deiberate upon the burning issues.

The theme of the conference interestingly kept as "2015: Clinical Research in India - Towards Achche Din (good days)", is being held in Gurgaon on February, 13-14. It is important to note that the new government had promised streamlined infrastructure for business operations in India and perhaps the industry wants to send a strong message about the stunted growth it has been facing. 

"The last few years have seen a decline in clinical research in India which has resulted in lack of patient access to clinical studies, a severe decline in academic research, shrinking of existing research capacity and infrastructure, and diversion of research opportunities and funding from India to other countries," said Dr Madhuri Jadhav, general secretary, ISCR. "Such a decline is not compatible with the role that the government believes that biomedical sciences has to play in securing the country's health and its future in science and technology. India leads the world with an enormous disease burden which makes it imperative that the country aggressively solicits public and private investments in drug discovery and clinical development."

It is in this context that ISCR's Annual Conference in 2015 will attempt to take stock of the distance the country will have to travel and the gaps that have to be closed for clinical research to experience Achche Din, the good days that the new administration has promised. Besides spokesperson from the industry, academia and government/quasi government institutions, this year will also see dedicated sessions for patients and investigators that will capture the challenges they face in combating illness and disease.

"In his new year message, the DCGI (Drugs Controller General of India) has committed that 2015 would be the year for streamlining of regulatory procedures without compromising on patient safety and we hope that the year will bring renewed hope for patients in India. It is only through clinical research that we can bring better and more cost effective treatment to our suffering patients," said Ms Suneela Thatte, president, ISCR.


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