Indian vaccine firms pledge support to GAVI efforts

Major vaccine manufacturers from India including Panacea Biotec, Biological E and Serum Institute have committed their support to the initiatives of GAVI, the Vaccine Alliance


Discussing strategy: Vaccine industry leaders meet GAVI and Bill Gates ahead of the Replenishment Conference in Berlin, Germany

Indian too will contribute towards GAVI's goal of immunizing 300 million children in the world's poorest countries between 2016 and 2020, leading to five to six million lives being saved. The announcements were made on the eve of Pledging Conference being held in Berlin under the patronage of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, as GAVI aims to secure funding to ensure Gavi can reach its ambitious targets.

Panacea Biotec extended its pledge, first made in June 2011, to support all Gavi graduated countries by offering a five-year price freeze on all vaccination programmes started with Gavi support. The price freeze commences from the first calendar year during which a country stops receiving Gavi support.

Taking about the same, Dr Rajesh Jain, JMD, Panacea Biotec mentioned, "Panacea is proud to renew the pledge given on 13th June 2011 to support to all Gavi graduates, by offering a 5-year price freeze to help ensure sustainability of vaccination programmes, started with Gavi support. This pledge represents Panacea's ongoing devotion to social commitments and human welfare, which is rooted in our mission: ‘innovation in support of life.' Our company principles of quality, innovation and continuous learning can also be demonstrated through our unrelenting efforts that results in the achievement of WHO prequalification status for our ‘fully-liquid' 1 and 10-dose pentavalent presentations in 2013, thereby offering protections against hepatitis B, Haemophilius influenzae type b (Hib), diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis."

Biological E is offering a five-year price commitment to Gavi graduated countries for its pentavalent vaccine.

As per Ms Mahima Datla, managing director, Biological E, "We are deeply committed to improving the quality of human life and make immunization our biggest health priority. However, it's also true that access to immunisation still continues to be a challenge. We at Biological E. Will strive to ensure affordability of vaccines is NOT one of the contributing factors, so that countries can focus on sustainability and on overcoming other obstacles that are coming in the way of reaching that last child. So, today, to further our support to GAVI's mission, I am pleased to announce Biological E.'s offer of a 5-­‐year price commitment to GAVI graduated countries. This commitment aims to ensure that graduated countries will have access to affordable prices that are comparable to GAVI-­‐eligible ones."


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