Govt can't increase health budget drastically says senior official

While admitting that India lags behind in catering to the healthcare needs of its population, Mr Navreet S Kang, additional health secretary also pointed to India's constraints and stressed on finding innovative alternatives


Lagging behind! Healthcare budget is still 1.3 percent of Indian GDP which is far less than even neighboring Bhutan!

The government policies on healthcare are often caught between lack of coordination between state and central governments or the lack of appropriate funds for the long-term implementation of once launched health programmes.

Agreeing to these facts, Mr Navreet Singh Kang, additional secretary and director general, Central Government Health Schemes (CGHS) department believes that it would be wrong only to look upto the government for coming up with a quick solution. He feels its a collective responsibility of stakeholders. Rather he stresses on the development of affordable indigenous technologies as an alternative.

Says Mr Kang,"The public spending in India is far less. India ranks overall at 181 out of 191 countries. The fact of the matter is that there are constraints. Unless reforms are there (CST issue), we feel it is difficult to drastically increase the budget."

"Technologies will have to play an important role in meeting requirements. We have to shift priorities  towards innovation development and delivery of quality products. Infact, National health policy is seeking comments and it contains great alternatives to build the health economy, " said Mr Kang while speaking at the NATHEALTH's‘Aarogya Bharat 2025' event held in New Delhi on January 20, 2015.

Speaking futher, he added, "IT enabled technologies will certainly fast track healthcare delivery. Technology has to be frugal and by that I don't mean the cheap one but meeting requirements or customized needs." 


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