BioLife Solutions’ products used in 175 clinical trials

BioLife Solutions' biopreservation media products have been embedded in 175 cellular immunotherapy and other regenerative medicine clinical trials


Large majority of the currently active private and publicly traded cellular immunotherapy companies are BioLife customers

BioLife Solutions has provided an update on the adoption of its HypoThermosol and CryoStor biopreservation media products in a greatly increased number of customer clinical trials of novel cellular immunotherapies and other cell-based approaches for treating and possibly curing the leading causes of death and disorders throughout the world.

In January 2014, the management estimated that BioLife products were incorporated into the storage, shipping, freezing, and/or clinical administration processes and protocols of 100 regenerative medicine clinical trials. For the calendar year 2014, management estimates that an additional 75 regenerative medicine clinical trials using its products were confirmed, bringing the total to 175. Confirming and supporting information is sourced from customer requests to cross reference BioLife's US FDA Master Files for CryoStor and HypoThermosol in clinical trial applications, other customer and distributor communications, and the website.

Within the cellular immunotherapy segment of the regenerative medicine market, BioLife's products are embedded in the manufacturing, storage, and delivery processes of at least 75 clinical trials of chimeric antigen receptor T cells (CAR-T), T cell receptor (TCR), dendritic cell (DC), tumor infiltrating lymphocytes (TIL), and other T cell-based cellular therapeutics targeting solid tumors, hematologic malignancies, and other diseases and disorders. A large majority of the currently active private and publicly traded cellular immunotherapy companies are BioLife customers.

Mr Mike Rice, president and CEO, BioLife said, "2014 was a pivotal year for BioLife, with expanded product adoption by several very promising high profile and well-funded regenerative medicine companies. Nearly half of the clinical trials sponsored by our customers using our biopreservation media products to store, freeze, ship, and administer cells to patients involve some type of T cell based immunotherapy."

He continued, "We are very well positioned to participate in the growth of the regenerative medicine market and the truly remarkable cellular immunotherapy segment of oncology care. BioLife is a classic embedded technology story, with our biopreservation media products part of our customer processes, and also with our new biologistex cold chain management service, which can improve logistics and monitoring shipments of high-value manufactured cell products. We have worked very hard to build this marquee customer base in what could emerge as one of the largest growth opportunities in the history of medical innovation and market development."


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