MedGenome join hands with US-based Natera

The deal allows the company to perform Natera's Panorama, a non-invasive prenatal test in India


Panorama examines fetal DNA in the mother's blood

MedGenome and Natera have entered into an exclusive agreement to bring non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT) to India. As part of the agreement, MedGenome will have exclusive license to develop the capacity and perform the Panorama test in the country.

Natera's test, known as Panorama, is a non-invasive prenatal screening test that examines fetal DNA in the mother's blood to assess whether a developing baby is at high risk for having an abnormality in the chromosomes. The company also stated that in accordance with Indian law, Panorama will not be used to reveal the sex of the fetus.

"As per estimates, chromosomal abnormalities occur in about 1 of 200 live births. Infants with these abnormalities have mental retardation and suffer from malformations and disabilities. Due to the large number of births which is estimated at 26 million per year, India has the largest number of babies born with chromosomal disorders in the world accounting for almost 130,000 per year. Our partnership with Natera will help us provide Panorama, a superior second-generation non-invasive prenatal test, compared to its peers. Through our partnership with Natera, we hope to bring about significant changes in the way pregnancies are managed in India," said Mr Sam Santhosh, CEO, MedGenome.

"We are committed to sharing its unique and proprietary technologies with laboratories worldwide who share our philosophy of clinical leadership and quality control," said Mr Solomon Moshkevich, vice president, marketing and business development, Natera.


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