Need to have clear regulatory framework : PM Modi

Emphasizing on the role of science and technology in building India as an economic giant, prime minister, Narendra Modi has hinted at his government's plan to increase funding and push the sector harder


Prime Minister, Narendra Modi praised the achievements of pharma and agriculture sectors.

While inaugrating the Indian Science Congress in Mumbai on January 03, 2015, the prime minister, Mr Narendra Modi appreciated the role of scientists. In his words, " I feel humbled by the work that scientists do. And, I find science and technology an invaluable ally in governance and development."

Mr Modi also mentioned the role of science in ancient Indian culIture and said that it is a search driven by the belief in what our Vedas described as, Satye Sarvam Pratisthanam - Everything is established in Truth.

"Science and technology has helped reduce poverty and advance prosperity; fight hunger and improve nutrition; conquer diseases, improve health and give a child a better chance to survive; connect us to our loved ones and the world; spread education and awareness; and, given us clean energy that can make our habitat more sustainable," added Mr Modi.

Modi also talked about the higher level of scientific involvement in diplomatic relations. He mentioned that as a PM, he placed agriculture, biotechnology and nanoscience on focus during his talks with leaders while travelling abroad.

Modi also talked about importance of science in building great economy. "A nation`s progress and its human development are linked to science and technology. In more recent times, China`s emergence as the second biggest global economy is in parallel to its rise to the second place in science and technology activities," said the prime minister.

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